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Our Students

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This is our pride and joy. Our outstanding students go on to attend the finest art and filmmaking schools in Israel. From the age of 16, we accompany and encourage them to aim as high as possible. By combining diligence, determination, and perseverance, they build on their talents and bring their stories to life. Just a few years earlier, an education and career in the film industry seemed like a far-off dream. As the students complete the centers’ programming, they’re set on a path toward the world of Israeli art and filmmaking.


Firas Nasser

The staff at the foundation saw me exactly for who I was.
They guided me throughout in the past and are still with me.
It's a family.

Successful actor in TV series and films (Fauda)

Ben Drori

My friends at Far Beyond became my family. The instructors and directors became my parents and big brothers and sisters. My worry faded as I learned to relax and understand that all the students were in the same position. We are here together to dream and lift each other up.

I’m now 21 years old, a second-year student at the Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio, and I live in Tel Aviv. None of this could have happened without the Far Beyond Foundation. I give thanks every day that they believed in me wholeheartedly from the start. Sometimes dreams do come true and mine really did!

Student at the Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio


Zofan Gabria

In my opinion, the most powerful thing is their faith in us. They address the baggage we bring from our home lives and fuel our determination to leverage that into creative work. It instills in us a strong sense of independence and confidence.

The art world can often limit those artistic and creative professionals who aren’t from particular backgrounds or don’t fit neatly into certain categories.  The foundation provides an opportunity for other voices to be exposed

and to influence the artistic arena.


Sam Spiegel School Film and Television School - Film Directing Course

Daniel Gerber

When I was in 11th grade, the foundation guided me toward thinking about higher education. I highly doubt that I’d be in college now if not for that. The substantial financial support and, beyond that, the empathy, emotional support, and warmth with which the foundation provides its students enabled me to spread my wings and believe that anything was possible. The foundation gave me the chance to fulfill myself with each
new day.

Tel Aviv University Department of Film and Television


Lena Sabra

The foundation is my support system. The art world isn’t an easy place in which to navigate or succeed. Luckily for me, the foundation supports me in every area, both financially and emotionally. Today I can dream and make my dreams come true.

Acting student at the Nissan Native Studio

Blood on Track
Tomer Yossef 

See yourselves with us?
Come create with us, make your unique voice heard.
To apply for candidacy contact us

or by phone 03-7676114
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Our Partners

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