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Great Artists Are
Born Everywhere

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We believe that all young Israelis who aspire to work in filmmaking have the right to achieve their goals, regardless of geography or access to resources. Our goal is to facilitate a true opportunity for students from the periphery to grow, develop, and integrate into the Israeli art world.

The Far Beyond Foundation is a socio-educational project whose goal is to locate gifted and determined art students from all over Israel. We bring together young men and women who come from a variety of backgrounds. This includes students from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups, recent immigrants from Ethiopia and the former USSR, and those from reform schools, shelters, or rough neighborhoods. We work with them for 10 years, beginning at age 16 and ending when they graduate from an institution of higher education.


From then on, opportunities in the television, cinema, and art industry are within reach.

Far Beyond recruits leading professionals in the film and television industry to guide and educate the program’s participants. The foundation sees the collaborative relationship and close bond between the professionals and the students as a major component of the program.


The students who attend the center’s sessions know that they’re expected to be serious and diligent. They understand that this isn’t just another after-school activity. It’s a long-term course of study which is in-depth and demanding. The course is its own reward. The outstanding students of each cycle are rewarded with a scholarship to one of Israel’s most prestigious art schools, such as Sam Spiegel, the Bezalel Academy, the Tel Aviv University Department of Film and Television, or the School of Visual Theater. They are able to open doors to a world in which they may have never believed they would belong.

Steering Committee

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Foundation Employees
and Volunteers

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See yourselves with us?
Come create with us, make your unique voice heard.
To apply for candidacy contact us

or by phone 03-7676114
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Our Partners

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